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Abstract Nudes (LP, 2000)

All songs written and performed by Morgan Stone Grether ©2000, except for * “This is the Sound”: lyrics by Carlos E. Velez and Morgan Stone Grether, music by Morgan Stone Grether.

Recorded at Eye Brow La Brea, Los Angeles, California, and Silver Music Studio, Fort Myers, Florida.

01. “Piece of Trash”

02. “You Don’t Know”

03. “Say You’re Right”

04. “Try to Find You”

05. “Doggone Shame”

06. “Coming Your Way”

07. “Ali Babba”

08. “Divorcee”

09. “Kill All Rock’n’Roll”

10. “Yeah Woo Hoo”

11. “Snakecharmer”

12. “Read It in My Mind”

13. “Sooner or Later”

14. “This Is the Sound”*

15. “Am I Wrong?”

16. “Crush”

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